Alla luce del sole

lucedelsoleDirector: Roberto Faenza
Production: Jean Vigo Italia  / Elda Ferri, Claudio Grassetti

This film is based on the true story of Don Pino Puglisi. The film begins in 1990, when Don Puglisi returns as pastor to the neighborhood of Palermo where he grew up. He began the difficult journey to help the children who were being exploited by the Mafia. In less than two years he helped build a community center in the infamous neighbourhood of Brancaccio. On 15 September 1993, the day of his birthday, he was murdered by the Mafia.


Notes and images

The film is based on the the true story of the priest Padre Pugliesi who returned to the infamous neighbourhood of Brancaccio near Palermo and started a community center to help kids from difficult backgrounds to stay out of the mafia’s hands. He was shot dead by the mafia in 1993. Photographs from the community center’s archive helped me recreate the past as closely possible.