Anche libero va bene

ancheliberovabeneDirector: Kim Rossi Stuart
Production: 01 Distribuzione /Palomar

English title: ALONG THE RIDGE Tommi (11) and his slightly older sister Viola live in the city with their father. They cope with being a single parent family until their mother shows up, having disappeared without trace- not for the first time. These are the four protagonists in a bittersweet potrait of their ongoing struggle with love, friendship, puberty and life in general. Kim Rossi Stuart played a professional camera and steadicam operator and a single father of two young children,. The mother played by Barbora Bubulova was a mysterious woman, she appears and disappears from their lives quite often.



Notes and images

My intention was that the costumes became a part of each characters wardrobe, and the actors felt and moved naturally.