Benvenuti al sud

benvenutialsudDirector: Luca Miniero
Production: Medusa Film/Cattleya


Postal employee Alberto (Claudio Bisio) wants a transfer to Milan from his home in the same region, but he’s sent instead to Castellabate, near Salerno in Campania province. Unwilling to subject wife and son to the imagined Mafia- infested uncouth south, he travels alone with trepidation, only to fall for the charm and warmth of the locals.



Notes and images

Welcome to the South was the remake of the french hit comedy Bienvenue chez les Ch' tis. The film played on the cultural differences between the north and south of Italy, it was important to translate these differences through clothing as well. I kept the dress code in north more style conscious, whereas for the southern part I used a more relaxed casual look for the actors.