Lezioni di cioccolato

lezionidicioccolatoDirector: Claudio Cupellini
Production: Cattleya - Francesca Longardi, Matteo de Laurentis

A building contractor on the verge of closing his biggest deal to date finds his future jeopardized when an illegally hired worker is injured on the job, and makes a most unusual attempt at blackmail. Mattia (Luca Argentero) is about to make some serious cash when illegal employee Kamal(Hassani Shapi) suffers a serious trauma on the job site. As a result, Kamal is unable to attend an advanced course for pastry makers that he had signed up for. When Kamal threathens to sue unless Mattia attends the course in his place, the contractor reluctantly agrees to take part in the ruse, posing as his employee and bridging the cultural gap between the two men in the process.



Notes and images

Mattia’s character started out as a trendy and upcoming building contractor, after his illegal employee injures himself on the job, he was blackmailed to pose as his employee at the pastry course, he thus had to pretend to be an egyptian immigrant. Most of the film took place inside the pastry making course with 6 other characters from various backgrounds. It was important to fine tune each character based on their hypothetical backgrounds.


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