Lezioni di volo

lezionivoloDirector: Francesca Archibugi
Production: 01 Distribuzione / Cattleya - Marco Chimenz, Riccardo Tozzi

Pollo and his best friend Curry are two teenagers from Rome who travel to India after failing their final exams. After a robbery renders them penniless and Pollo falls ill, they meet Chiara (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), an aid worker, who takes them to a desert village where each of them learns something to take into their future lives. Using the backgrounds of the two boys- Pollo is jewish and Curry’s Indian- as guidepoints for life lessons, this beautifully rendered drama sensitively delineates a variety of cultural details.


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Notes and images

Flying Lessons was filmed all over India. Each region in India has its very own distinct culture. I tried to enhance the background in every scene in order to portray the diversity of India. Our main characters were two young teenage boys, who were mostly dressed in tee shirts and shorts or in Indian cotton shirts which they would have bought locally while traveling. Giovanna Mezzogiorno’s character played an aid worker who lived out in the desert in a small village. Her wardrobe consisted of a couple of pairs of cotton trousers, a few tee shirts, a sturdy pair of work boots and a couple of indian shirts and a shawl as it gets really cold in the nights in the desert.