Nel nome del male

nelnomedelmale posterDirector: Alex Infascelli
Production: Sky Cinema / Film Master

Nel nome del Male tells the story of the Baldassi family, who seem the picture of serenity. But when the eldest son disappears the father begins to suspect that there is a connection to a satanic cult. And thus begins his quest to find his son.



Notes and images

In the script the Baldassi’s were written as the picture perfect northern Italian family who fall into a labyrinth after their teenage son’s sudden disappearance. One of the main costume piece was to be a very distinguishable hooded sweatshirt for the young teenage son who disappears after the first few scenes in the movie. The father who initially starts out as the well dressed entrepreneur slowly starts changing his appearance during the quest to find his son. The insipiration for costumes and sets were the marvelous photographs of Gregory Crewdson.