paradaDirector: Marco Pontecorvo
Production: 01 Distribuzione / Panorama - Marco Valerio Pugini, Ute Leonhardt

It is a true story of the French-Algerian clown Miloud Oukili who went to Romania in 1992, three years after the end of Ceausescu’s dictatorship. There he met Bucharest’s “boskettari” or street children, living underground and making a living out of petty theft, begging and prostitution. Miloud felt the need to bring hope to the tragic lives of the boskettari and he created a circus company with the children. “Parada” is the name of the circus company that today still travels around Europe with it’s own show carrying a message of hope and solidarity.


Notes and images

Filmed entirely on location in Bucharest, Romania, Parada is based on the the true and inspiring story of the french algerian clown Miloud who saved hundreds of street kids by teaching them circus skills. The challenge for me was to source vintage costumes locally. I did a lot of research on Miloud and the boskettari children before I went to Romania and I wanted to make sure that the costumes were credible. The children lived underground in the city’s substrata and around the railway station. I used a lot of bright colored clothing for the kids, the costumes were broken down by the ageing and distressing process to create the dirty and soiled appearance. For the final scene when the boskettari perform in public for the first time, we used mismatched clothing and accessories, face makeup and accessories such as wigs, gloves and scarves.. and of course the red clown noses.