Prison Break: Sequel

Prison Break - Sonu Mishra - Costume DesignerDirector: Various
Production: 20th Century Fox / Fox
N. McCormick, P. Scheuring. D. Olmstead
Status Air: Release april 2017





Notes and images

For the for the latest season of drama series, Prison Break, we had to show two distinct worlds, North America and Yemen.
Based on the scripts and the realities we had to create, I researched for photographs, got information from books, watched films and documentaries.
We wanted to give authenticity to the costumes but also a timeless style. A lot of the inspiration for the actors costumes came from classic movies like Cool Hand Luke, Midnight Express, etc.
The prison guard uniforms were created from scratch and the colour of the fabric, the trimmings, the patches, emblems were all studied carefully, as we wanted to create the right contrast with the prison walls.
Most of the costumes went through various stages of distressing and ageing as the story progressed. I wanted to make sure that the clothes looked believable in every context.