Genius: Einstein

Genius: EinsteinDirector: Various
Production: 2Fox 21 Television Studios / Imagine Television
R. Howard, K. Biller
Status Air: April 2017





Notes and images

We covered 70 years of costume history and brought to life the story of one of the most important men in history, Albert Einstein.
I had never worked on anything that would cover such a vast period in one show. It was exciting and challenging. The episodes flowed quickly and fluidly through the years and many of the actors aged through the decades.
It was a volatile moment in history where so much was happening around the life of Albert Einstein. We portrayed on camera, life as it was in the scientific, academic and political community and in Einstein's private life. The story moves in and out of Nazi Germany, Switzerland and the United States.
My vision was to recreate the atmospheres through costumes. We had so much research material and I wanted to give tone and textures to the costumes, making the scenes seem a reflection of the past.  Each situation had its unique reality and needed its own palette of colour, fabrics, silhouettes...
it was an amazing experience because of the diversity of social situations within each episode.
Genius covered 70 years of history from 1886 to 1955.


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