NOS4A2 Season 1

NOs4a2 s1 posterDirector: Kari Skogland, John Shiban, Tim Southam, Jeremy Webb, Hanelle Culpepper, Stefan Schwartz.
Production: AMC - Jami O’Brien, Joe Hill, Colin Walsh
Status Air: June 2019




Notes and images

The show is a dark fantasy genre where our characters travel between two worlds, the real world and the world of thought. I wanted to create a distinct style for both worlds. The wardrobe in the real world was realistic and gritty. While in the world of thought, we took the artistic license to have fun with the clothes.
As in the book, Charlie Manx would age dramatically during the episodes. Zachary Quinto had different stages of ageing and to match his makeup, I had his chauffeur's suit made in different sizes. For his youngest look, the costume was well fitted as he was young and full of vitality ,while for the older looks I had the costume built slightly oversized in order to create an illusion that made it seem his body had shrunken in.
Jeans and tshirt were Vic McQueen's wardrobe staple. We had the art department create unique graphics for her and had them silk printed on her tshirts. The motorcycle leather jacket was an important piece in her wardrobe as she would be on her bike in so many scenes and we wanted it to be recognisable. All her clothes were aged and broken down to make everything look real.


NOS4A2 - Season 1

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