NOS4A2 Season 2

NOS4A2 Season 2Director: John Shiban, Hanelle Culpepper, Toa Fraser, Tricia Brock, Craig Macneill
Production: AMC - Jami O’Brien, Joe Hill, Colin Walsh
Status Air: June 2019




Notes and images

Season 2 is set 8 years after the events in season 1. The mood of the show is overall much darker and more sinister this time round.
Charlie Manx wakes up from his 8 year long coma and is more ominous and threatening than ever before. To keep up with the darker tones, I had his original night blue chauffeur's uniform from the previous season painted into black, with streaks of burn effects and dirt to make it look degraded yet threatening.
Vic is older and has undergone dramatic psycological changes during the years. Her wardrobe as in the past is minimalistic, her style remains practical yet edgy.
Christmasland is bigger and more intense this year. We had the chance to create many many unique costumes for these kids, who live in this magical and surreal world.


NOS4A2 - Season 2

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