Third Person

Third Person posteritalianoDirector: Paul Haggis
Production: Corsan

The film tells three inter-connected love stories that take place in Paris, New York and Rome. Paris: Michael (Neeson), a writer who recently left his wife Elaine (Basinger), receives a visit from his lover Anna (Wilde). The story explores their very complicated on/off relationship due to her inability to commit because of a terrible secret. New York: Julia (Kunis) has recently been charged with attempting to kill her son, a charge which she firmly denies. As a result of these charges, her son is now in the custody of his father Rick (Franco) who is trying everything in his power to take the boy away from her. Julia is trying at all costs to regain custody of her son. Rome: Scott (Brody), an American business man on a trip to Italy, falls in love with a Albanian gypsy (Roma) woman, Monica (Atias). Scott is inevitably drawn into a plot where he tries to free Monica's daughter who has been kidnapped by a Russian gangster and is being held for ransom.


Notes and images

The three stories in film were set in three different cities, New York, Paris and Rome.
I wanted to make sure that the costumes felt real and helped to bring to life the characters. I looked for the clothing from designer showrooms in Milan to used and vintage stores in Naples and Rome.


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